Event Management Services

What is an Event?

Event is a prearranged public or social occasion. or can be described as an gathering of people for the objective of ceremony, training, business promotion or meeting. Events can be classified on the basis of their purpose, size and type.

At WorkthatWork we offer entertainment design and event planning services. We have executed several noteworthy public events and medium-scale events for many corporate and medium size companies. We are one of the most creative and professional event planning companies in the Mumbai, India.

Whether it is a high-profile branding extravaganza. or exclusive corporate event, WorkthatWork has the know-how and the expertise to manage talented resources to execute an event that is seamless yet noteworthy in every respect.

Our job entails many activities such as Event Planning, Venue and Hotel Selection, Transportation, Budget Management, Theme Development, Guest Invitations, Décor, Food and Beverage Planning, VIP Guest Handling, Vendor Management, Entertainment etc

Our event management team is skilled and experienced in delivering all types of events such as

  1. Corporate Events
  2. Brand and Product Launches
  3. Concerts
  4. Conferences
  5. Wedding

1. Corporate Events

You can describe a Corporate Event as an event sponsored by a company for the purpose of targeting its employees or clients. The company holds such event usually for the purpose of entertaining clients. rewarding their staff, launching new products or services, seminars or workshops etc. like Trade shows, All Dealer Meetings, Corporate parties, Product launches, Business dinners, Conferences etc

Most corporate companies usually have an in-house event organizer to manage such events. but others hire a professional event planner to make the right arrangement for the meeting. Planning for a corporate event requires thorough planning to the minutest detail. From deciding the budget, the target audience to making a list of everything including venue, electronic equipment, lighting and transportation, to content and refreshments and suitable date.

We will help you build a suitable marketing plan to achieve your goals for the event.

2. Brand and Product Launches

New brand launches and new products always entails a lot of public and media attention. With the press and a large number of high profile guests at the venue, you need to make sure that the event is planned thoroughly and in the right manner.

At WorkThatWorks we know the significance of brand launches and how important it is to have a high profile event that introduces your product in style and creates an impressive first impressions. Our dedicated team are experienced in the planning, logistics and management of the launch to us.

Most brand launches are a grand event with a lot of fanfare and a grand spectacular. At WorkThatWork we offer your innovative and creative solutions to produce such a dazzling event. We can design all aspects of the event from the stage to the unveiling of the product. We have conducted many such events and delivered global launches.

For more budgeted clients, we offer low profile product launches with more extensive marketing and an interactive session tailored to your target clients.

At WorkThatWork, we work together with you to delivery the right solution that fits your budget and suits your product. We can deliver a high impact and noteworthy event that will impress people and leave them speechless.

3. Concerts

You can describe a concert as a live music performance in front of an audience. The performers can be a single musician, or a band or orchestra, choir.

Venue for concerts can range from a private house to small nightclubs, or dedicated concert halls, arenas and parks to large multipurpose buildings, and even sports stadiums with Indoor concerts held in the larger venues a arena or amphitheater.

With our outstanding and dedicated team of professionals we can offer anything that you need for your concert. From Sound Systems, Amplifiers, Speakers, Staging, Concert Lighting, Stage Decorations, Roofing System, Security, Seating arrangements, Catering and the Power Generators. We can manage your concert from start to finish including the invitations and crown control.

We have the manpower and security personnel to manage the crowd and ensure the security at the venue. We will procure the necessary permission that is required for your event.

4. Conferences

A conference can be described as a meeting of people who “speak” about a topic. The topic can be of any type. like science and academic, a formal event, workshops, and other activities.

At WorkThatWorks, we can handle the complicated logistics involved with conferences and help you to manage the attendees.

We will arrange for everything that is required to service your conference. From Audio visual production and staging equipment
such as pipe and drape, video displays, signage, hall carpet.
Conference office support – computers, networks, printers, office supplies

5. Wedding

Weddings are very auspicious occasion that is celebrated with great pomp. Wedding in India is much more than decor, entertainment, wineries and clothes. It is about families, traditions and ceremonies which play a major part in Indian weddings.

We can plan your wedding from start to finish and will make your wedding – a dream wedding. Our service include venue selection, design and concept, planning and co-ordination, planning and execution, entertainment, food, event draping, lighting, décor, ceremony audio, furniture and much more.

We can host a variety of wedding events including rehearsal dinners, bridal showers, engagement parties, wedding receptions, and even wedding ceremonies.

Our unique complex offers several options for engagement and bridal photo sessions. Our event staff includes a professional wedding & event planner to assist with your needs.